To “buy happiness”寻求经验,而不是事物。

Galina Barskaya
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I think this is especially true for couples – money spend doing things with her will satisfy her more than 购买ing her stuff. Based on that, I suggest a majority of 的money you spend “on her”应该去吃晚饭,看电影,跳舞,博物馆,一日游,度假等等。

如果资金紧张,请寻找方法“buy” experiences on 的cheap. Make a picnic meal and take a drive to 的beach, 的mountains, a national park, or some such. Find a way to go to movies when 的prices are lower. Look for deals on off days and at non-peak times.

Kirsty Pargeter
… and less of this.

If you are not struggling financially there are great deals from vacation locations hurting for income. Maybe it is time for 的vacation you have always dreamed about.




2 评论 on “To “buy happiness”寻求经验,而不是事物。

  1. 在我的人际关系中,这不仅是我与亲人的关系,也是与我孩子的关系,这都是我观察到的真理。
    I have seen 的joy of a new possession quickly fade, sometimes to even be forgotten, but I have never seen that 的memory of something done for them, or of something done together, has ever been forgotten.
    这确实是‘the little things’, don’t you know?
    For instance my precious one and I love breakfast. She is on a rotating start time with her job and so many of 的work days in a month I can get up with her and fix us breakfast. I also start her car for her on cold mornings.
    This morning, after I had read this tip, I was eating breakfast with her and she said, out of 的blue, “You love me, don’t you?” I said, “Yes, very much”. She said “I know you do because of all 的little things you do for me.”
    现在唐’t get me wrong she 的‘rings and things’我喜欢为她买来纪念特殊的日子,有时只是因为…但是,我看到了,他们的喜悦被放大了,因为她知道我买给她的东西的确是‘a gift from 的heart’而不仅仅是强制性购买‘honor’ a special day. And she knows this because of 的gifts of my time that I give her every single day.
    And you know what, she does 的same thing for me! A few days ago she bought me a small can of my favorite nuts and put it on my dresser with a heart shaped sticky note that simply said. “I Love You!”*叹**我肯定爱她。

  2. How true this is. A few years back we committed ourselves to have a 日期 night every Thursday. Most times our 日期 s are on 的cheap with a few more expensive ones mixed in. It is hard to compare 的value of walking hand in hand down 的street or through 的mall to a gift that will be soon forgotten.


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